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"No hour of life 
is wasted that is spent
 in the Saddle"

-Winston Churchill

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     I would like to welcome you to our Web Site.  Here at Taylor's Tack and Field, we are dedicated to the everyday horseman.
     It is our desire to help our customers better understand their horses, and thereby get  more enjoyment when riding and caring for them.
     Take a look around the site and feel free to email me with any questions.    

      Located in Upstate New York in the beautiful hills of Brookfield,  it is the perfect setting for trail riding.  13,000 acres of State Forests known as The
Brookfield Trail System is right nearby with 130 miles of trails.  
     Overnight camping is free with tie 
stalls provided for your horse.


We now have several Saint Lourdes close contact saddles
 in stock.  These are a quality saddle made in Argentina.  On special for $485.
        Regular price $954                                           

Training Clinics are an important part of what we do.  Education is essential to understanding and enjoying your horse.

Natural Horsemanship lessons are given.
We also have rope halters and leads
for sale in our tack shop.

Keeping horses barefoot is becoming
more popular. 
Cavello Simple Boots are
a nice alternative to shoes.  Since most of
a horses time is spent waiting around to be ridden, why keep shoes on him 24/7.  He 
only needs them when he is being worked.
Try Simple Boots instead of shoes.

Come enjoy the Brookfield  trails.  We have access from the farm.  Camping area and box stalls available at Taylor's Tack
and field.


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